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  • January 01, 2017
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Jill Fopiano O'Brien Wealth Partners

To Our Valued Clients and Friends,

It is my pleasure to reach out to you as the President and CEO of O’Brien Management Wealth Partners LLC. I would like to share what I hope to accomplish with our team in 2017 and beyond as we build on an accomplished history and create our vibrant future.

In 2012 I chose to join O’Brien because I found a team that shared my fundamental values. We have a proud thirty-year history of relationships built on trust, integrity, competence, authenticity and collaboration. While we take pride in our past, we continually look forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. A twenty-year career with global financial institutions has equipped me with perspective, skills and experience to lead us in that effort. A desire to help others flourish has provided me with the motivation, determination and tenacity to ensure our continued success.

My approach is simple. We have a plan that clearly defines where we want to be in the years ahead. You are at the center of that plan. We will continue to invest in our business to provide outstanding investment strategy and financial planning, and the very best results. We are selectively adding talented colleagues with significant work and life experience. As the global markets present new investment opportunities we will be both disciplined and forward thinking. By adopting best in class technologies, we will provide you with information that is clear, relevant and useful. We will communicate freely and openly. I invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions and questions in person, by phone or by email and promise you that I will listen carefully.

Our values and goals remain the cornerstone for future growth. Since we believe money is to make life better, we strive to help each of you create a solid financial foundation to live your lives uniquely, comfortably, vibrantly and freely. We are partners not only in preserving and growing your life’s wealth, but in helping you achieve the wealth of life.

Very Truly Yours,

Jill A. Fopiano

Jill Fopiano O'Brien Wealth Partners
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