Time to Consider High-Quality Bonds

After a year and a half of rapid tightening by the Federal Reserve (Fed), U.S. inflation has cooled to a pace that is roughly in line with their target. This cooldown allowed the Fed to announce at their January meeting that they no longer anticipate needing to raise interest rates further and could begin to cut rates in 2024. Now might be the time to consider high-quality bonds.

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Your Financial Wellbeing: Time for a Check Up

2020 was a crazy year, to say the least. Work became remote, kids moved home, and daily routines went out the window. The global pandemic generated levels of stress and challenge that we have never faced before. In this article for Thrive Global,  Jill Fopiano, President and CEO of O’Brien Wealth Partners, shares why now is a great time to reassess your personal financial roadmap to see what might be missing.

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When Life gives you corona we bring limes

Farther apart yet closer than ever…
Jill Fopiano, President & CEO at O’Brien Wealth Partners, reflects on work and life since March 13, 2020.

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Can You Invest for Profit and Purpose?

Many of our clients actively seek to make a difference in the causes they believe in through volunteering and charitable donations. In recent months, a growing number of O’Brien clients have asked how they can use their assets to effect change through investing.

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Diagnosing The Health Of Your Portfolio During This Period of Uncertainty

In addition to our personal health, the current state of the world has drawn our financial health to center stage. Prior to the current recession, we experienced the longest bull market in history. During such times, it’s easy to adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, but that shouldn’t apply to your financial life.

Lis Zimmerman, Senior Advisor and Director of Financial Planning, talks about financial health and aligning your portfolio with your goals and life plan.

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A Note From Jill

Jill Fopiano shares thoughts on balancing living in the present versus saving for the future.

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Women and the Money Taboo

Whatever the reasons for avoiding the subject – discomfort, embarrassment, awkwardness, shame, fear of being impolite – the fact is that women tend to avoid talking about money with others. Women need to talk about money for themselves, and for their sisters, daughters, nieces, and friends. Here’s why, and how you can start the conversation today.

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Planning for the Unexpected

While talking about illness and death is never enjoyable, discussing your wishes is important. You and your loved ones may also want to document your wishes. We have prepared a simple worksheet you can use to guide a discussion as well as record important financial information your caretakers will need should you become incapacitated or die.

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Commentary from Jill

It is my pleasure to reach out to you as the President and CEO of O’Brien Management Wealth Partners LLC. I would like to share what I hope to accomplish with our team in 2017 and beyond as we build on an accomplished history and create our vibrant future.

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