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Will I have enough money in the future?

What happens if the market crashes?

Can I retire now? If not, when?! (And if I do, will my lifestyle need to change?)

Will my money last through my retirement? What if I live to be 101?

Are my heirs protected?

We answer these questions every day for the clients we serve. It’s what we love to do.

Clients come to us from a variety of places — both in terms of the towns they call home and the stage of life they’re in. Some are single. Others have large households and are surrounded by relatives. No family looks the same and all the families we see come to us with both unique challenges and opportunities.

While our clients have diverse backgrounds, they all have something important in common: they’re interested in maximizing their time and money. They’re engaged and feel passionate about living life to the fullest.

Sound familiar? We’d love to invite you to learn more about how we can work together to answer your financial questions and design a plan that makes the most of all your resources.

Still not sure? Take a look at some of the specific concerns and circumstances our current clients bring to us and see how our expertise helps them solve their particular challenges.

Women and Money: We’re a women-owned firm and love the opportunity to help other women advance, whether it’s within our industry or within their own financial lives. Whether you’re a successful executive, a non-working spouse, or recently divorced or widowed, we work with you to secure your financial future. Our clients know they enjoy a relationship with an advisor who will not only listen but truly hears and understands them (in part, because we get it and we’ve been where you’re standing today!). We work hard to guide women to financial and personal success by designing a smart, straightforward investment strategy and a clear, achievable financial plan.

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Retirement Roadmap: Whether it’s out on the horizon, getting close, or you’re already there, you likely have retirement on your mind. If you’re ready for life after work, we can help plot a sensible course to achieve the retirement you’ve been imagining. You’ll receive an expert guide to get you through the myriad of decisions (both financial and non-financial) you need to make about the actions you need to take to ensure financial success and peace of mind.

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Families and Money: It’s human nature to relate more to people from our own generation. Our advisors represent a range of age groups to help every member of your family through financial questions, concerns, challenges, and opportunities. From straightforward questions like saving for college to more emotionally charged issues like giving to children, we take the time to understand what your family faces so we can develop a plan that works for everyone involved.

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Sustainable Investing: Many of our clients are passionate about making a positive impact on the world, and so are we. That’s why we’re committed to offering sustainable investment options to those who want to align investments with their values without sacrificing performance. While sustainability can mean different things to different people, sustainable investing commonly incorporates Environmental Considerations, Social Responsibility and good Corporate Governance (ESG). Over the long run, we believe companies that adopt positive sustainability practices will outperform those who do not.

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Mature Woman Using Laptop on Sofa

Women and Money

As a women-owned firm, we deeply understand the importance of giving women the tools they need to establish and enhance a successful relationship with their money. We work closely with our female clients to ensure they not only receive a strategic, thoughtful plan to make the most of their resources, but also to provide the education and support needed to feel more confident about making financial decisions.

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Family Spending Time Together

Families and Money

We intentionally built a multi-generational advisory team with an eye toward facilitating conversations across the multiple generations and diverse demographics of the clients we work with. Could your family benefit from our expertise?

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Sustainable Investing Services

Sustainable Investing

Many of our clients are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. For some, this extends to choosing to invest in sustainable portfolios. Over the long run, we believe companies that adopt positive sustainability practices will outperform those who do not.

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