Women and Money

80% of all women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point during their lifetime. But there’s a problem: these financial responsibilities are growing faster than our collective knowledge.

And although this doesn’t always prove to be the truth, 49% of women say they are “very inexperienced” with investing.

Women are not inherently bad with money. The deck just tends to be stacked against us and we need to overcome more obstacles than most men do — and those roadblocks can come in both practical and emotional forms:

  • On average, women live five to ten years longer than men. That results in higher health costs, increased long term care, and the need to stretch your assets to cover a longer lifespan.
  • Women often lose more time in the workforce caring for children or family members leading to lost income, lower compensation and retirement benefits.
  • Because of the multiple roles women play, they often simply have less time to devote to their personal finances.
  • Money carries plethora of emotional meanings for many women. These various money taboos and societal pressures can make it incredibly uncomfortable to talk about finances – even with your most intimate friends and partners.

As a women-owned firm, we deeply understand the importance of giving women the tools they need to establish and enhance a successful relationship with their money. We work closely with our female clients to ensure they not only receive a strategic, thoughtful plan to make the most of their resources, but also to provide the education and support needed to feel more confident about making financial decisions.

We Can Help You Take Control

By working together, we can give you the knowledge you want to make you more comfortable navigating the financial landscape. We partner with you to uncover all the pieces of your financial puzzle, put them together in one sensible plan, and make sure your risks are covered.

This helps you to feel empowered, confident, and optimistic around your money. Before you know it, you’ll be just excited about the possibilities as we are.

Working with us doesn’t just give you access to a team of advisors — it also provides you with a safe, open space in which to learn and grow. In an effort to break down the Money Taboo, we also facilitate conversations among groups of our female clients about topics that matter. These discussions cover a range of themes including talking with children about money, planning for the unexpected, and managing life transitions.

We bring together multigenerational groups to have intimate discussions in a confidential forum so we can learn from each other, and to be reminded that the challenges we face are often shared by others.

We are mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, friends, business owners, and advisors. We bring a lifetime of experience, both professional and personal, to assist you in meeting the challenges you face.

I'm ready to take control of my finances.

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