Retirement Roadmap

Fifty years ago, it was simple.

You retired with a gold watch, a generous pension — and in all likelihood, ten more years to live. There was little concern about outlasting your assets. But today, we live longer, work longer, and need to make our assets last longer. In fact, we need our wealth to last an average of twenty-five to thirty years longer.

We may also simply need more of it to deal with the higher costs associated with increased longevity, like healthcare and long-term care expenses. The road may be bumpy, but we can help get you to your destination. Here’s how.

Get a Roadmap to Help You Navigate Life After Work

It all starts with you. Your goals, your dreams, your future. Our job is to take those goals, understand the facts, and create a personal, financial, and philosophical retirement roadmap designed just for you. More importantly, it’s our responsibility to maintain that map for you over time to ensure your financial future is always secure.

To get technical, your retirement roadmap includes:

  • Yearly, in-depth cash flow planning (including income and expense analysis)
  • Identifying and managing risks that might derail your plan
  • Tax-efficient distribution planning
  • An investment strategy that integrates with your retirement plan
  • Considerations and strategies for charitable and family giving
  • Lifestyle planning to help you define your next act

This isn’t just a static document to read once and throw in the bottom drawer of your desk. Your roadmap acts as a plan that’s as dynamic and flexible as you want your life after work to be — and  we’ll help you implement it every step of the way.

We’ll also help you to integrate your retirement roadmap with your tax plan, estate plan, insurance plan, and any other plan that may be hanging out in those desk drawers. This way, all the pieces of your financial life will be working together with no gaps.

The result? Enjoy peace of mind and feel confident that the retirement that you worked so hard for can be yours for the rest of your days. We will focus on your financial plan to free you up for the things that matter to you in this new chapter of your life.

Yes, I could use some help planning for retirement.

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