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Many of our clients are passionate about making a positive impact on the world. For some, this desire to enact change and create impact extends to choosing to invest in sustainable portfolios.

Historically, the marketplace offered only a limited number of sustainable options for mindful investors. The investments were based on negative screens, where “sin” industries were excluded unilaterally without regard to any specific values. Most options were expensive and provided limited diversification and muted returns. Fortunately, the sustainable investment space is rapidly evolving which provides more abundant and attractive options that offer improved diversification and return potential.

While sustainability can mean different things to different people, sustainable investing commonly incorporates Environmental Considerations, Social Responsibility and good Corporate Governance (ESG).  This is why sustainable investing often falls under the moniker of ESG. It is also sometimes known as Socially Responsible Investing, or SRI (although this terminology is used less often now than in the past).

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We are committed to sustainability and to offering sustainable investment options to enable our clients to align their investments with their values. While we offer negative screening if a client is truly passionate about excluding a particular industry, our sustainable portfolios are based on inclusion of companies with positive environmental, social, and governance principles.

Our portfolio managers select companies that demonstrate practices that lead to positive societal impact in addition to exhibiting solid financial ratios. Over the long run, we believe companies that adopt positive sustainability practices will outperform those who do not.

Some of our clients are 100% invested in our sustainable offering, while others utilize it as some part of their overall portfolio. It makes us feel good to offer these options and we will continue to focus on them as the marketplace evolves.

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