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  • June 30, 2017
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One of our most deeply held core values at O’Brien is transparency. Our commitment to transparency drives us to present a clear picture of the investments we hold, and honest and timely interpretation of the performance of those investments. We are realistic in our representation of risk and return expectations and straightforward about what we can and cannot control. The promise and dedication to be transparent is fundamental to our culture.

Transparency also manifests itself in the day to day communications we have with our clients and among ourselves. As a firm, we are committed to fostering a culture of open communication, even about the tough topics. No conflict or misunderstanding ever resolved itself by being swept under the rug. No brilliant innovation was ever developed by the idea that wasn’t raised. No team ever reached peak performance by refusing to engage in dialogue. Open discussion, without fear of criticism, makes us a stronger, better aligned team where everyone has a voice and knows that their voice counts.

This extends to our relationships with our clients as well. During the course of our relationship we create your financial road-map, identify potential risks, and implement a strategy to help achieve your goals. Along the way we make adjustments as your life situation, or the global economic, regulatory or legal climates change. At these times transparency and open conversations benefit you. At times we even encourage you to initiate difficult conversations. Talking to your family about money, particularly in the context of death and illness, is extremely tough. We can help facilitate these conversations; making sure that your loved ones know your wishes, and that you know theirs, can ensure that your desires for care and legacy are met.

Transparency, open communication and respect: these words guide our culture, govern our actions and shape our future. I welcome you to share your experiences with our firm, and I am always available to listen to any thoughts you might have on how we could serve you better.


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