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  • January 20, 2023
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One of the things we like best about the nature of our profession is the personal relationships we develop with our clients. And one of the ways we share what is going on in our business and our personal lives is through this newsletter, Currents. 2022 was a year that saw many exciting changes for both the firm and our team, following two years of relative status quo during the restrictions necessitated by the pandemic. I would like to celebrate some of those moments with you, as I wish you and your families all the best during the Holidays and for the New Year.

First, as you will read later in the issue, O’Brien will be on the move in 2023, as we relocate from our offices in the Back Bay to University Office Park in Waltham. While we
have enjoyed our Back Bay office space and our beautiful vistas of the South End, South Boston, and the Boston Harbor, the increasing congestion and traffic in the city and the loss of parking spaces in our current garage has made accessing our offices more difficult. The opportunity to design brand new office space to promote movement, collaboration and creativity, to comfortably accommodate clients, and to offer flexibility for the future was compelling. We are under construction now and we look forward to
welcoming you to our new space.

It was an eventful year for our team as well. Two weddings, one engagement, a first-home purchase, a baby on the way, two sons off to college, multiple national and international vacations, and a few new four-legged friends. How’s that for getting back to normal? Unfortunately, “eventful” isn’t always positive, and we are still very much missing our colleague Kari since her passing earlier this year. We hope that you have found peace and happiness in your new “normal” that continues to grow.

2022 presented a lot of challenges to be sure, but a lot of good as well. We are optimistic that 2023 will continue to present opportunities for our clients, our business, and our team and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationships with you. Enjoy this issue of Currents and Happy Holidays!

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