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Austin Litvak CFA, CFP®, CAIA®, CBE®

Director of Investment Research

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What do you like most about being part of O'Brien?

I have experienced a wide variety of firm cultures in my career and the work environment cultivated here is second to none. My colleagues are wonderfully talented individuals and the team-oriented approach to success makes for an incredibly rewarding experience.

Can you share one secret to success that has been helpful to you in your career?

Figure out your vision, and persistently pursue it in an honest and gracious manner through the ups and downs that life throws your way. Be willing and able to adapt your approach as your situation evolves.

If wealth management were an ocean, what kind of creature would you be?

Osprey. Ospreys spend their days observing oceans from above, only to take informed action when the opportunity for their next meal – or in our case investment opportunity – presents itself. They are family-oriented creatures and also remind me of my daughters’ favorite character in one of their treasured movies, Moana – Maui’s hawk.

What would your co-workers say is your superpower?

Tenacity is my superpower. Challenges and uncertainty also present opportunities. My insight and aptitude to persistently identify, pursue, and capitalize on these opportunities is a strength that I bring to the team.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?

Sunrise Gold. I am an early-rising optimist that views the start of each day as an opportunity to learn something new. To me, sunrises also represent the horizon and a long-term focus on life and investing that can help keep you grounded when daylight brings with it unexpected challenges.

Full Bio

Austin joined O’Brien in 2019. As Director of Investment Research, he is a key influencer in the design and implementation of the firm’s investment strategy, including fundamental, macroeconomic and fund level research, as well as asset allocation. Austin has worked in the investment industry since 2005 including senior roles at Fidelity Investments and Boston Advisors.

Austin has an MS in Investment Management from Boston University and a BA in Economics from Kalamazoo College.  He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®), and is also a Certified Business Economist®.  Austin is a member of the CFA Society Boston, the CFA Institute, the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), and the Boston Economic Club.  He lives in Hopkinton, MA with his wife and two daughters.

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