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Lis Zimmerman CFP®, CASL®, CRPC®

Managing Director

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What do you like most about being part of O'Brien?

Being a part of clients' lives. Having worked in this firm for over 30 years, I’ve been with my clients through many life transitions and I now have the privilege of working with many generations of clients.

Can you share one secret to success that has been helpful to you in your career?

Do what you love.

If wealth management were an ocean, what kind of creature would you be?

Sea Dog - more commonly known as Seals. They have the ability to dive to deeper depths, which is exactly what I strive to do with financial planning for my clients. It’s what I enjoy best, uncovering deeper goals. Also, they have the ability to slow their heart rate to conserve oxygen – which comes in handy during hockey tournaments!

What would your co-workers say is your superpower?

My positive energy. I think that energy is contagious. I draw a lot of energy from interacting and connecting with people.

You're a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?

Vikings Purple. The Minnesota Vikings were my childhood team, and I like the color purple today because of them. They were fun and exciting to watch even though they made it to four Super Bowls and lost every one of them. I guess I naturally root for the underdog, which is interesting given how competitive I am when I play sports!

Full Bio

Lis was the first employee hired by O’Brien Wealth Partners in 1989.  During her more than 30 years with the firm, Lis has been involved in pretty much every area of the business. Today she serves as an Advisor for our most complex clients.  She has a particular passion for retirement planning and shepherding the many decisions this process entails.  She also heads our Financial Planning effort and is a member of the Investment Committee. Lis is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Chartered Advisor for Senior Living, and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠.

Lis has an MBA from Simmons School of Management and a BA from the University of Vermont. Lis lives in Arlington with her husband and sports enthusiast son.  In her free time, she can be found on an ice rink, a ski slope, a bike path, or the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.

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