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Senior Research Associate

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What do you like most about being part of O'Brien?

The company culture is amazing. Not only do we value and recognize each other’s voices and efforts, but we support and assist each other to benefit our clients. Oftentimes businesses strive for teamwork, but I have found that O’Brien has already achieved this goal. I’m glad to be a part of such an extraordinary team.

Can you share one secret to success that has been helpful to you in your career?

I explored options ranging from computer programming to research analysis while choosing my career path. By keeping an open mind, I was able to channel my interests into the diverse atmosphere that is offered as an Associate Advisor here at O’Brien.

If wealth management were an ocean, what kind of creature would you be?

I would be a penguin. Penguins spend time nesting and playing on land, but they will dive right into the freezing ocean with comfort and grace for food and fun. Similarly, I like to spend time reading and educating myself, but as soon as I see a question, I jump right in and find the resolution with knowledge and foresight. Penguins can drink sea water, too, so I’d never be thirsty.

What would your co-workers say is your superpower?

My curiosity. Before rushing to conclusions, I like to ask questions to get a sense of the bigger picture. By being inquisitive when analyzing and researching our investment vehicles, I can come up with the optimal results and remain open to all possible solutions.

You're a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be?

Warm Gray. My subtle nature and calming presence enriches the work environment and brings confidence and support to those around me. Also, warm gray makes for an ideal home décor wall palate.

Full Bio

Qing joined O’Brien Wealth Partners in February 2019 as an Associate Advisor.  Qing provides investment and relationship support to our clients and is a member of the O’Brien Investment Committee.  Qing previously worked as a Registered Client Associate with Wells Fargo Advisors LLC and as an Advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Qing holds a MS in Finance from Boston College and a BBA in Finance from the University of New Mexico.  Qing lives in Hopkinton, MA with his wife and dog named Bagel.

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